Björn Ulvaeus and
Cirkus Cirkör presents

Pippi På Cirkus
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Thank you

A big thank you to everyone who saw the show!

Pippi at the Cirkus 2023 is now concluded, thanks to everyone who saw the show this summer. What an audience!

“Absolutely wonderful!”


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“Reaches dizzy heights”


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“An endlessly eventful and astonishingly cool circus show with extra everything.”


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”Great entertainment in magical light”


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A circus musical for everyone

Dancing poodles, human cannonballs, and a colourful orchestra. A grumpy circus director and the strongest girl in the world. Pippi at the Circus is a goodie bag with everything that is fun. Based on Astrid Lindgren’s classic story, Björn Ulvaeus, Maria Blom, Tilde Björfors, and Cirkus Cirkör (to mention a few), have created an extraordinary show – a sparkling circus musical for all children between 3 and 113 years old.

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In the Making of Pippi at the Cirkus

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I wonder who enjoyed it the most, me or my grandchildren?

Gunilla, 72

I want to learn every single circus trick!

Rolle, 9

The flying horses were the best!

Malin, 35 and Frankie, 8

I might have fallen in love with Starke Adolf…

Jostein, 39

This was better than the Eurovision song contest!

My, 7

I wanna see it again, again and again!

Milly, 5

Pippi is probably the world’s best role model. I want to be more like Pippi.

Nisse, 38


Viggo, 14

The best I’ve seen.

Emil, 12

The circus made me dizzy. The music filled me with joy.

Elin, 42

Is it too late to switch career and join the circus? I got so inspired.

Jan, 70

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